Heating & Fuels (141)

Waterford Stanley Oisin Stove - Matt Black

Blacksmith Anvil Stove

Ash Pan 16"

Contemporary Leather Log Carrier

Victorian Heavy Duty Long Chute

Manor Chimney Cleaner - 750gm

Manor Glass Cleaner - 400ml

Manor Stove Glass Cleaner - 750ml

Manor Coal Paint - 300ml

Manor Grate Paint - 450ml

Manor Stove Paint - 450ml

Manor Stove Paint - 250ml

Manor Stove Paint - 150ml

Manor Metal Polish - 150ml

Manor Stove & Grate Polish - 170gm

Manor Brick/Stone Sealer - 500ml

Manor Slate Oil - 100ml

Manor Fireplace Cleaner - 500ml

Manor Grate Polish Black - 75ml

Manor Stove Paint Tin - 200ml

Manor Stove Paint Tin - 100ml

Manor Heatbond - 125ml

Manor Heatbond - 30ml

Manor Stove Rope - 2.5m x 12mm

Manor Stove Rope - 2.5m x 9mm

Manor Stove Rope - 2.5m x 6mm

Modern Convector Heater 2000W

Black Curved Fire Screen with handle

Contemporary Round Log Bucket with Leather Band

Wicker Cart Grey with Liner

Black 3 Piece Companion Set

18" Fire Grate

16" Fire Grate

14" Fire Grate

Cast Iron Fire Grate 14"

Contemporary Companion Set Black & Tan Leather

Set of Two Baskets Small & Large

Stove Nursery Guard

Victorian Heavy Duty Companion Set

Celtic Antique Brass Coal Chute