Welcome to the first edition of the Homevalue Lifestyle Yearbook 2021

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As summer approaches and we leave a challenging period behind, we can now rethink our lives, and how we want to live them. Life as we know it has changed in many ways, often for the better, and especially in our homes. Space and what we do with it has become the focus and has prompted a DIY explosion. The home has become truly multi-functional, meeting the demands of home-schooling, zoom rooms, a study or workspace, as well as a haven of tranquility for rest and relaxation.

For those starting from scratch, the notion of self-build has never been so relevant, allowing as it does the flexibility to build all of this and more into the design. In our extensive self-build guide, Homevalue Lifestyle Yearbook 2021 provides a detailed step-by-step account of the self-build process, from securing finance to assembling a suitable team, choosing the most effective build method and managing the construction process.

Meanwhile, we showcase a stunning new self-build recently completed by Andrew Rothwell and Julie Watchorn in their native Wexford. Many of the key products selected were sourced from Homevalue who are proud to have assisted the couple through their self-build journey. In an account that will inspire and inform aspiring self-builders, Andrew and Julie highlight the highs and lows of building your own home and stress the importance of detailed planning for a successful outcome.

For those of us who need to repurpose an existing space, design guru Garry Cohn tells us how colour can make a dramatic difference to the mood and tone of the home while award winning architect Hugh Wallace tells us how to transform the humble bungalow into a spacious sanctuary. Garden sanctuaries are equally important, and as summer approaches, Homevalue have everything you need to embrace outdoor living. Taking a leaf out of Diarmuid Gavin’s book, we look at the importance of what to plant and why, keeping an eye on the importance of pollinators in our gardens and in the overall food chain. So, from the simplicity of garden dining to the sophistication of fire pits and repurposed garden sheds, we show you how to create an outdoor oasis even in the smallest of spaces.

Last but not least, as we all become more ecologically aware, the materials we use in building and retrofitting are a fundamental factor in ensuring our homes are more energy efficient. All homeowners can play their part by taking steps to improve their homes Building Energy Rating (BER). By applying a number of key energy-saving modifications to your home, you can achieve significant reductions in heating and running costs which in most cases will outweigh the investment involved over time.

All of this and more are covered in our Homevalue Lifestyle Yearbook 2021 and needless to say, everything you need, including advice and one to one service is available at your local Homevalue store. Always remember that professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike know that Homevalue means real value and real expertise.

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