Fireside Accessories (75)

Manor Chimney Cleaner - 750gm

Manor Glass Cleaner - 400ml

Manor Stove Glass Cleaner - 750ml

Manor Coal Paint - 300ml

Manor Grate Paint - 450ml

Manor Stove Paint - 450ml

Manor Stove Paint - 250ml

Manor Stove Paint - 150ml

Manor Metal Polish - 150ml

Manor Stove & Grate Polish - 170gm

Manor Brick/Stone Sealer - 500ml

Manor Slate Oil - 100ml

Manor Fireplace Cleaner - 500ml

Manor Grate Polish Black - 75ml

Manor Stove Paint Tin - 200ml

Manor Stove Paint Tin - 100ml

Manor Heatbond - 125ml

Manor Heatbond - 30ml

Manor Stove Rope - 2.5m x 12mm

Manor Stove Rope - 2.5m x 9mm

Manor Stove Rope - 2.5m x 6mm

Contemporary Leather Log Carrier

Victorian Heavy Duty Long Chute

Black Curved Fire Screen with handle

Contemporary Round Log Bucket with Leather Band

Wicker Cart Grey with Liner

Black 3 Piece Companion Set

18" Fire Grate

16" Fire Grate

14" Fire Grate

Cast Iron Fire Grate 14"

Contemporary Companion Set Black & Tan Leather

Set of Two Baskets Small & Large

Stove Nursery Guard

Victorian Heavy Duty Companion Set

Celtic Antique Brass Coal Chute

Celtic Antique Brass Waterloo Bucket

Celtic Antique Brass Curved Fire Screen

Large Log Cart With Wheels

Basic Curved Fireguard